sup im Dave Strider and welcome to jackass

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Don't interact if:
youre a nazi, racist, ableist, terf, LGBT+phobe, etc... (usual nasty people criteria)youre ace/ aro/ nonbinary exclusionistyoure truscum/transmed (think people need dysphoria + to medically transition to be trans)you think he/him lesbians and she/her gays are fakeyoure a NO/MAP or whatever word pedophiles are using these daysyou think shipping pedophilia/ incest is ok bc its "just fiction"youre pro-eating disorderyou push vegan views/ lifestyle on others without regard to why they cant/ dont go vegan
ill update this as i go/ remember things i should put here


Dave, Crow, Zero, etc.
he/him, they/them | 23 | Jan 24
transmasc/ nb, on HRT since 8/24/18

im not too sure what to put here bc frankly i am a cryptid but yknow. just your local dude lacroix rummaging through dennys dumpsters at 4am.

i like to draw from time to time. been fighting off some wicked art block though. some of my big interests are Homestuck, Pokemon, Hollow Knight, Hyper Light Drifter, Dead Cells, Steven Universe, Monster Hunter, and LoZ. i also love chickens and cats, theyre funky little lads.


my kins all have spiritual/ past life ties to them. Dave Strider is my biggest/ most important kin and also the most complicated one canon-wise, but the rest of them are still here kickin' it with the best of em.

Other/ general kins
i have a couple kins that arent directly related to fictional characters. yeehaw

Kinhearted/ Synpaths
i strongly associate with and/or relate to these characters in some way but i dont carry a past-life connection to them. "me in every way other than spirit" as i put it in a discord convo.